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Samuel Figueroa

His work in Hair and beauty editorials, television, and other unique and finite, mainstream opportunities have given Sam a bold eye to what makes women feel naturally beautiful.

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I was born in the Bronx, the oldest of three and raised by a single mother.

After HS I decided to leave NYC and made my way to Dallas.

I’d done my mom’s hair since I was 15. So I signed up for classes at Ogle and after nine months I was a stylist.

My first job was as an Apprentice with Patrick O’Hara where I remained for five years. I learned a tremendous amount from him. It’s here where I truly became the stylist I am today. When I left Patrick’s, I rented for a couple of years. I got my feet wet in running my own show. This spurred my desire to own a salon. With the help of my business partner who believed in me at age 29, I had my dream.

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